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Davidson Stewart
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A Family of Businesses Serving Families and Businesses

At home, on the road, or doing business, DSM offers Risk Management Solutions designed with your life in mind. As a family of 7 independent insurance agencies, DSM offers more products, more benefits, and more services. We ensure you, your family, and your business have the comprehensive coverage necessary to protect the property, assets, and people that matter most to you. No single agency can offer the options or blanket of services you’ll find with DSM.

The Power of Independence

Imagine a grocery store that offers only one brand of products. The store is conveniently close, but some of their products are too expensive…and they don’t have everything you want. There are no other brands…just theirs. Why would you shop where you have no options? Insurance agencies that represent only one insurance carrier are considered ‘captive’ agencies. They’re limited to providing products offered by that sole carrier. If your rates increase; if you require coverage they don’t offer, your only option is to find another agent. You’re stuck with their brand. No one wants to be held captive. DSM agencies are Independent Agencies. This means each of our agents and agencies has developed relationships with multiple insurance carriers. We’re not held captive by any single agency. Instead, we offer a variety of options from many different top-rated insurance carriers. Instead of keeping you captive, DSM keeps up-to-date with the best the industry has to offer. No captivity…just options. That’s the power of independence. That’s DSM.

Convenience & Options

Seven agencies, dozens of professional agents, multiple insurance carriers and nearly 100 years of collective industry experience: DSM agencies offer it all. Each of our seven agencies has established strong professional relationships with reputable, financially-secure insurance companies. Each is manned with professionals who understand policy coverage and limitations, scheduled property provisions, payment options, and claim procedures. Equally important is their willingness to make securing the coverage you need as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our staff takes the time to decipher some of the complicated industry specifics of your policy, answer your questions and make sure you get the coverage you need. One agency that works with many different insurance carriers to deliver just the right policy at the right price is powerful. Imagine what seven agencies working together can accomplish for you. DSM gives you more of everything you need and deserve in an insurance agency.

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