Business Insurance Myths

Business insurance is crucial in the current economic climate. In case we get sick or hurt, we have health insurance. We have auto insurance to protect us in case of a collision and allow us to drive legally. There is no exception for businesses. The proper types of company insurance coverage are necessary if you operate a business in order to safeguard it.  Common misconceptions about company insurance are dispelled as follows:

Only Large Businesses Are Sued

Even in our litigious culture, many people are aware that going after a big business in court is frequently a bad idea. They have the financial wherewithal to wait out a plaintiff, tying up the matter in court as their in-house attorney refuses to move.

Forty percent of all small firms, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), are thought to be involved in litigation every year. Therefore, it is highly possible that you will have faced legal action by the time you have been in operation for three years.

Insurance Is Not Necessary For Small Businesses

Simply said, this claim is untrue. In this litigious environment, any size of company can be sued. Every year, numerous small firms get into legal disputes.

The size of your business property, the number of employees you have, or even your revenue are not factors in business insurance. It needs to be based on the risk exposure that your company faces. The correct insurance coverage can assist in protecting your business from catastrophe, regardless of the risk, which may include fire, theft, liability for injuries, or a lawsuit based on a service or product your firm delivered.

My Home-Based Business Is Covered By Homeowners Insurance

It’s crucial to understand that your homes insurance won’t offer enough protection for your home-based business if you’re self-employed and operate from home. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the median homeowner’s policy only covers business equipment up to $2,500. (III). This might not be sufficient to cover all of your commercial property. Additionally, a homeowner’s policy won’t offer liability or lost income coverage, which you could require. Your alternatives for home-based business insurance can include:

BOP: This sort of insurance is intended for small to medium-sized businesses. If your home-based business has multiple locations, it is a wise decision. On a far larger scale than an in-home business policy, a typical BOP will cover business property and equipment, liabilities, lost income, and other expenses.

The Cost of Business Insurance Is Expensive

Although it is not free, business insurance is required to run a business. Cutting costs in a way that puts your company in danger is not a cost-effective strategy. Every day, several small businesses are sued for various reasons. Your company’s size, location, and the kinds of services or goods you offer will all affect how much your business insurance will cost.

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