How To Create A Home Emergency Kit

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Being prepared entails having the necessary materials on hand in the event of a tragedy or emergency.  Keep your supplies in a portable emergency preparedness kit that you may use at home or take with you if you need to leave your home.  All disaster preparedness programs revolve around the emergency supply pack.  Make kits for your home, office, and car by following these instructions.  After that, go over to the Be Informed section to see what additional supplies you should have on hand in case of a certain calamity.

According to, a basic home preparedness pack should include the following items:

  • First aid kit
  • Copies of important documents
  • Two gallons of water per person per day. A three-day supply is recommended.
  • Cash in small bills
  • Medical supplies ( glasses, contact lenses, syringes, etc.)
  • Baby supplies (bottles, formula, baby food, diapers)
  • Non-perishable foods such as canned food products, canned fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, and soups are examples of non-perishable foods. Dry mixtures that don’t need to be refrigerated are also available.  To extend the shelf life of food and protect it from pests, store it in firmly sealed containers.  To ensure fresh supplies, change food and water every six months.
  • For emergency information, use a battery-operated radio.
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items
  • Extra sets of batteries for the flashlight.
  • A manual can opener and a pocket knife are included.
  • Cell phone with some form of solar charger
  • Two-way radios
  • Whistle to summon assistance
  • Dust masks
  • To keep contaminants out, use dust masks, plastic sheeting, and duct tape.

Individuals and families should plan to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours, but preferably seven days.  Basic utilities and transportation routes may be disrupted for days, weeks, or even months after a disaster.  We always recommend you check with your local authorities for the most up to date information.

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