The Benefits of a Fleet Safety Program

Commercial Auto Insurance can provide your firm with security and protection from devastating liability claims arising from an accident involving your vehicle.  Commercial Auto Insurance is normally offered on vehicles owned by a commercial business.

Workers are more likely to die from auto accidents than any other job hazard.  According to the Federal Government, 45% of work-related fatalities are traffic related.  This not only costs lives but also has a negative impact on your company’s operations.  A well-designed fleet safety program will have a positive effect on your company and help create a safe environment.  A good fleet safety program has some or all of the following elements.  These are not listed in order of importance.

What A Fleet Safety Program Might Look Like

  • Vehicle purpose statement
  • Licensing of driver
  • Driver qualifications
  • Personal use of vehicles policy
  • A cell phone use policy
  • Maintenance schedule
  • General safety rules
  • Accident procedures
  • Training on safety program
  • Safe driving awards

In addition, the program should have training on road rage, dealing with stress after an accident, and loading and unloading.  We recommend that your company consider developing a safe driving rewards program.  A well thought out program can help keep insurance costs down.  Fleet safety should be part of your regular safety committee meetings.

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